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System1 combines best-in-class technology & data science to operate one of the world's most advanced Responsive Acquisition Marketing Platforms (RAMP).

My role for this project was to help design and develop a new corporate website for System1.

The Process

Research + UX

During the UX and research stage of the new website, I collaborated closely with stakeholders to conduct comprehensive research. This involved identifying our target audience, analyzing competitor landscapes, and determining the most effective layout strategies.

My objectives during this initial phase were to curate moodboards showcasing a diverse range of aesthetics, and create wireframes to get a sense of what elements should be on each page.

UI Design

Utilizing inspiration from the moodboards and wireframes, I then crafted a theme that was minimal and inviting, while incorporating a distinctive technological touch.

Throughout the design, an abundance of fluid and organic shapes were thoughtfully integrated, harmonizing seamlessly with the light color palette.

When it came to typography, I opted for modern and crisp sans-serif fonts that maintain their clarity across various screen sizes.

Front-End Development

At this stage, my responsibilities encompassed constructing the HTML markup, SCSS styling, and JavaScript implementation.

Accessibility was a core consideration throughout the development process. I incorporated accessible markup, accommodating features such as keyboard focus support, compatibility with screen readers, and rigorous color contrast tests. Cross-browser testing was done on the latest two versions of major mobile and desktop browsers.

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