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At we strive to provide Australian consumers with as much information on fitness apparel, sportswear and sporting goods as we can, so that you are informed, educated and up to date with the latest in product development, fashion and innovation.

I was engaged in both Product Design and Front-end Development for this comprehensive e-commerce project, which encompassed the design of a new website, blog, as well as ongoing newsletter designs.

The Process

Research + UX

During this stage, the client and I conducted thorough competitor research to understand the target audience, their preferences and industry trends. This would involve analyzing competitors' websites to identify best practices and areas for differentiation. Next, I would create wireframes to outline the layout and structure of key pages such as product listings, individual product pages, cart, and checkout.

OnSport Screenshot

UI Design

With a focus on intuitive navigation and seamless user experience, I proceeded to design visually appealing interfaces, employing suitable color schemes, typography, and imagery that resonate with the sporting goods theme. Throughout the design process, I would prioritize clear calls-to-action, intuitive filtering and search functionalities, and seamless mobile responsiveness to optimize the user's journey and drive conversions. Regular user testing and feedback iterations would ensure continuous improvement and a user-centric design approach.

OnSport Screenshot
OnSport Screenshot
OnSport Screenshot

Front-End Development

I collaborated closely with a skilled front-end/back-end developer throughout the duration of this project. My role involved translating all of my mockups and any subsequent site updates into high-quality HTML/CSS/JS code. While Bootstrap was utilized as a CSS framework for certain components, the majority of the code was custom-written to meet the unique requirements of the site. The final HTML/CSS/JS files were seamlessly integrated into the .NET site, ensuring a cohesive and efficient web development process.

OnSport Screenshot
OnSport Screenshot

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